Friday, June 1, 2012

Currently no UPDATE

Yeah~ Usually this BLOG are only for Contest and Giveway~
But someone had review this blog in her BLOG ~
Tq babe~ I wanna thank ya~

Its such a funny thing when she said some details about me ~
Its the `pantun` things..
I never recall anything about `pantun` i had wrote on this blog and i kinda worst in my BAHASA MALAYSIA actually.
Hahahah... Weird right? 

Ya~ i know i am Malaysian but in my family,
 we`re never speak in Malay as common language in our house...
I know i am Muslim but doesnt meant that i`m also Malay right?

No, i`m not Malay~ 
Obviously, i`m MIX ...


Dayang Noreda said...

HanNah said...

haha. maksudkan saya ke? :D

btw , comel pic :)

Nono Lu said...

iyep~ tp rupanya salah~ malu2~ ahahahh

Nur Hidayah said...

jom join! hadiah lebih dari RM100!

syafiqah said...

Jom Join Di Sini

syafiqah said...

Anda ditag Disini , Hadiah Menarik seperti MP3 , Phone Samsung n Kamera LOMO menanti anda , Jom la Join , Rugi tk join :)

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